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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Teachers these days...

A teacher in junior school somewhere... asked the children what was the occupation of their parents

Teacher: George, how old are you?
George : i am 7 years old, miss
Teacher: ..and what is the occupation of your father?
George : he is a dentist, miss
Teacher: ... and what is the occupation of your mother?
George : She is a lawyer, miss
Teacher: Excellent, George.

Teacher kept asking the children, when it was the time for little Susan to answer her teacher's question.
Susan looked a little scaried.

Teacher: And you little Susan
Susan : Yes miss
Teacher: What is the occupation of your father?
Susan : well...
Teacher: ?
Susan : ..he.. he.. he is..
Teacher: ???
Susan : He is working in the post office, delivering mail..
Teacher: Come on Susan, we must be proud of our parent's job. You there little Nick, what's your father's occupation?

Nick stood up, full of pride and replied :
- My father is a pianist in a brothel, miss

Teacher's eyes "poped out"! She turned red and told the children that they were dismissed.

Later in the afternoon, she decided to go to the child's parents and talk with them about this incident!

She knocked the door.

Little Nick's father answered.

The teacher took a deep breath and talked :
Teacher : Hello i am Miss Green, your son's teacher. I am sorry to bother you but i have a small problem with your son Nick. Earlier today, in the classroom when i asked the children what was their parent's occupation, your son PROUDLY replied that you work as a pianist in a brothel. What do you have to say about this????

Nick's Father : Well Miss Green, here's how it goes: I am a software engineer on Object oriented languages like C#, .Net, Java. I develop applications for the web using PHP and Unix and i am a database administrator in our Production System that uses Oracle Database 10g. I work with ABAP and Corba as well and i do reports in Business Objects for a company that is, well, preposterous.

Teacher : So?

Nick's Father : So, how do you explain that to a 7 years old kid???
posted by bourbouli @ 2:55 PM  
2 LauGhs and HaHas commented:
  • At 11:18 AM, Blogger LittleCutie24 said…

    i heard it told with the father playing piano in a WHORE-HOUSE but really he's a LAWYER ... that version is much funnier - what's a brothel??

  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger bourbouli said…

    WHORE-HOUSE == brothel :-)


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