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Friday, December 22, 2006
At a store, the phone rings and the blonde saleswoman answers it:
- "Hello, blah-blah Shoe store, how can we help you?"
and the female voice fron the other side of the line
- "Sorry, wrong number"
- "No harm madam, you can come by from 9 am to 9 pm every day and pick the number that fits your size"

A husband is working at his office when the phone rings. At the other side of the line it's his blonde wife, crying her eyes out :
- "Oh George... i am so unhappy... i feel so bad"
- "What's the matter honey? What troubles you?"
- "I try to complete that puzzle with this damn rooster that is shown on the box but in vain. Three hours now George... but no success"
- "Ok honey. Calm down and do me a favor please. Leave it for the time being and we will complete it together when i 'll come home allright?
- "Ok"
.......after five hours, husband returns home... blonde wife is waiting anxiously
- "Honeyyyy, i am hooooooome. So where is that puzzle that troubled you so much? Bring it on and we will..... OH! errrrr It's ok dear. We will put the corn flakes back on their box and we won't tell anyone about it.. ok?"
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