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Thursday, December 28, 2006
Made in Japan
There was a Japanese who went to America for sightseeing. On the last day, he hailed a cab and told the driver to drive to the airport.

During the journey, a Honda drove past the taxi. Thereupon, the Japanese leaned out of the window excitedly and yelled, "Honda, very fast! Made in Japan!"

After a while, a Toyota sped past the taxi. Again, the Japanese leaned out of the window and yelled, "Toyota, very fast! Made in Japan!"

And then a Mitsubishi sped past the taxi. For the third time, the Japanese leaned out of the window and yelled, "Mitsubishi, very fast! Made in Japan!"

The driver was a little angry, but he kept quiet. And this went on for

quite a number of cars.

Finally, the taxi came to the airport. The fare was US$300.

The Japanese exclaimed, "Wah... so expensive!"

Thereupon, the driver yelled back, "Meter, very fast! Made in Japan!"
posted by bourbouli @ 10:51 PM  
6 LauGhs and HaHas commented:
  • At 2:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 2:21 AM, Blogger bourbouli said…


    i loved it too. The guy that sent me that joke, had another one that cracked me down but i cannot upload it due to ethical reasons ;-)

  • At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 3:14 AM, Blogger bourbouli said…

    Thanks bossxero for your kind words.

    I will visit you and i am curious of your work

  • At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That was funny. Hey if you have some time check out my blog http://avilesnews.blogspot.com Thanks keep up the good jokes LOL


  • At 10:38 PM, Blogger bourbouli said…

    Hi Admin and thnx for your comment.

    I will take a look asap ;-p


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